Friday, March 21, 2008


सिंहसाहेब के कोठी पर कल रात खूब जलसा हुआ था।
लखनोऊ से बाई जी आई हैं।
पूरा जगरम था, खूब रेलम - पेलम था।

लेकिन देखो खेल तक़दीर का,
बुधना कोहार के घर भी आज मजमा लगा है,
गहमा - गहमी मची है ।
बुधना के घर जो भी नया रिश्तेदार जा रहा है dahad फाड़ते हुए रोने की आवाज़, अन्दर से औरतों की आ रही है।

दरोगा साहेब आए है लाश ले जाने के
लिए क्योंकि बुधना अब नही रहा।
गले में फसरी लगा लिया था, गले पे निशान साफ - साफ है।

दरोगा साहेब तुले हुए हैं, "ले चलो लाश का पंचनामा करना है"।
बुधना के माँई , राग पकडी पकडी के रो रही है।
" काहे ले जा रहे हो इस ठठरी को
हड्डी का ढाचा ही टू बचा है , बस बोल नही रहा है, चल- फ़िर nahi raha hai
पिछले आसाढ़ में मकई बोया था.
पांच सौ बिगहा लगान पर सोहिया- कोडिया किया, लेकिन
सब बर्बाद..
मकई के ठूठ में दाना नहीं, ठूंठे बचा था .

लड़की का इलाज करवाया
स्कूली खाना खाई के, अजलस्त पड़ गई.
दुहाई हो काली माई की, जम के मुंह से बची बिटिया

हामार बाबू,
अबगा के हडिया, पातुकी, बर्तन माटी के बनाये थे .
लगन का दिन आ रहा है, बिक जायगा , पैसे आ जाएंगे,
इस आस में, लेकिन आन्ही- बरखा में
सब हेनक- बेनक हो गया .

और हुज़ूर,
लोग तो बियाह- शादी में रेडिमेड बर्तन में खाते - पीते है,
माटी का क्या काम?
साहू जी , सिंघ्जी का कर्जा तो और आफत,
पाहिले ही सिकम भर सूद चढा था,
पुरखा का ज़मीन रेहन पर चला गया.
और कर्जा, पापी पेट, जाहिल जिनिगी
बाबू हमर फसरी नहीं लगते तो और क्या करते .


Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Media and Misguidance


In its beginning, it would be right to insure that it’s not for those few organisations who pursuing their towards best. But in the regard of many and many media is playing a role of misguidance. In its beginning it has been to known as a very credible and accountable organization which happens to lead the social and political activism. And that’s the reason people suppose it as a pillar of Indian democracy. A few people are able to understand that this time media has no accountability towards political, financial, and social activism. It goes, where it look profit.

Hypocrisy of News Channels- I think hypocrisy is correct word to use in the terms of news channels. Its hypocrite because it has no legitimacy in its work. It has no clear face whether it is for the people or for consumer. Well, in this time period, everything of world is flowing in the flow of consumerism. But every consumer has right to consume good things but media never accept that its shop of news which deliver according to the test of viewer ship.

Media is still running its shop with the mask of social and political reform. This word Reform had been the soul of it in its initial time when Raja Ram Mohan Roy started it as a weapon to cut the social taboo, when Hiqui Gadget was spreading view towards political aspect in 19th century. In 20th century it transformed its face in to activism. In this time reform had change into activism, because media had spread in large heterogeneous population and people also had started to take part in activism whether it had been for social causes or for political. In the time period of 1900 to 1947 media got a huge support and ideal of common people because of its credibility and truth- worthiness.

In the period of emergency some media organisation proved their mettle and made stress on current Prime Minister Indira Gandhi to lift article- 352 and had to come back democracy.
At that time media had no scope of plenty of money and a journalist or a media person had to work in a simple salary. In the decade of ninety, just because of globalisation, consumerism spread in all side and status of India and then media boom came into existence and extended vast scope of employment and revenue. Now people switch in to media not for social work but for name fame and money and youth are only thinking to achieve this by hook and crook. Such types of attitude and ambition of new-comers has distorted the ethics and values of news. As just in some month ago we got the case of Uma Khurana, a principal of a school was shown running sex racket on television in a fake sting operation.

Most striking thing should be noted that media organisations are running by industrialist and with share of politicians so definitely they would try to manipulate issues or news according to them. All of sudden, it’s for business cause and all though business demands profit and stability on pick in the market competition. So present media is responsible for profit of money and money comes through advertisement and advertisement-rate increase on basis of viewer ship.

News values- Leaving aside two or hardly three channels, so many channels are centralised at cricket, crime and cinema. You often come to watch about fitness of player while this is in not news, affair of players with actress. In crime khuni Darinda, Dil, Dosti aur Mohabbat. Some time watch Saas Saajish Bahu etc. it’s not enough at this place, some\news channels has bought the right of geography and Discovery coz they always come more time with snake, bear madaari and stunt. Those who seek to news often get annoyed and of course there are some Tantrik and mantra.

Suppressing the ethics of journalism- Khabaria channels are suppressing the ethics of journalism. Actually, they are running behind T.R.P. Well, I also don’t know deeply about this fundaa.

Somewhere I got and read the article of Shevanti Nainan she wrote “media has grown up but journalism left behind.” Of course she wrote complete and right things in a short and crispy line. This line delineates the several dimensions of argument and debate. Overall, here its make necessary to mention that journalism is not for those who work in news-paper and write journals. Though it to be admitted that some time ago it had been a matter of writing journals but if we go through the soul of this word definitely we find out that its call, it’s a rebellion task, it’s a mission, it’s an activism. It has been the representation of intellectuals. But our so called news channels have crackdown on this phenomena and demolished its fencing which was made of ethics, now they are dancing hip- hop on journalistic grasses. Now on its own property journalism is awaiting of will power.

Boosting capitalist society- 60% Indians struggling for their daily facilities and apart from their basic needs they merely come to spend on some extra expenditure like news- paper, magazine and other types of knowledgeable things. But now lower middle class are highly accessing to television sets and cable connections. After spending a important amount of their salary in cable they would merely able to access their money for journals, computer and internet connection for their child, of course not. So looking this condition I think the entire lower middle class of India which have a big share in population are totally depend on television for different types of information and knowledge. While I am not ignoring the radio which has vast coverage of audiences but how many of them would like to access radio if they have television. Possibly not because every one like visuals and think that whatever is being shown is correct.

But in other side those who have good facilities, abilities to expend on internet, journals, and magazine would be healthier with knowledge. They would be able to accumulate a pile of information. They would be aware with national and international affairs, problems, solutions, major issues and conflict of present and past scenario. They would have qualification with knowledge but a huge population would be delimited in qualification. Those who totally depend on channels would never be able to intensify their knowledge and never be able to assume right mentality. Because they often will have to come watch their nonsense program and inferior news values, if they would think news means gossips of film star, publicity of Rakhi Sawant, this player should be in or out, stunt and jaadu tonaa aur baba ka mantra, kiska bali maha Khali making sideline impotent and serious issues. And this particular class would destine to be ruled by those few people have vast intensified skills and knowledge. So there is no difference between pre-independence and post independence. Before 1947 a few people were able to understand and analyse the policy of British government and still the ratio is same in our own democracy.

Somewhere this is the matter of worry that India is loosing the number of intellectuals. Its also give the space of devils- politics and politician easily manipulate the citizen of India, just because of poor understanding of common people.

No doubt that media is playing a huge roll to manipulate and paralyse our lower middle class. It’s a kind poison which killing the norms of socialism.

Role of Government- The government of /India should take initiative to ban those channels who are not responsible to values of news or issue them as a entertainment channels so that a common person never come to assume their program as news. Most interesting thing is that there is no clause of media in our constitution. Media which is in the every corner of India and it has no place in our constitution. How funny is it? Anyway government should evolve a provision in constitution in the regard of media.

(Again I would like to mention that there are some certain news channels and they are doing good. My special thinks to them because they are running with values and credibility among the so called T.R.P rating)


Friday, March 14, 2008

i was at home just spending my daily life. A friend came to me and offer to go along with him to smriti- van. I was not so bussy so i also think to take a round of smriti van so that i might be inspired to the ambience of Mahatma Gandhi. well i been there but with lots of question and experience of life. The things happen wsa that when i was enter in the memorial of M K Gandhi , i didn`t find any security there. in a huge hall which was copletely dark in lack of electricity n three staff were there in a corner. no body noticed us, no quarry, no facilitation. but we tried to read some letters and article of mahatma gandhi by ha4rd effort.
in gandhi smriti, any one can visit and can watch these nonsense4 phenomina of staff. its most attracting place for those who seek to assemble old memories or to sell them coz any one can still rare of the rarest memories of m. Gandhi. visit there and look the negligence of our father of nation`s meories.
Friends this is the india it beleives in inaguration, demonstration and and pplitics on the ground of agitation. our so called politicians are habitating in a grand royalism. we save the model`s mempories in a high profole ambience but we never come to save those who spent their life for nation. india is a hipocrat country. whts your poenion.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

पिछले साल ग्रोथ रेट आठ प्रतिशत रहा था
इस बार के बजट मे भी स्तिथि बरक़रार रही है।
चिताम्बरम साहब के झोले से जादुई जिन्न निकला,
और दे दिया घोंस्डाओ की झड़ी।

बस यही सवाल कर बैठा हूँ, सड़क पे
चलते आदमी से, किसान मजदूरों से
लाफंगई करते नौजवानों से।
जवाब था, दो टुक
दोस्त मुझे विकास का मतलब नही मालुम
कैपिटल इनवेस्टमेंट,मार्केट रेवेंनुए
ये सब बातें मेरे पल्ले नही पड़तीं।
डिस्को की ताता - थैया, फिल्मी सितारे
मुझे तो कोई इन्द्रलोक के वासी लगते है

आस्मान के उपर उड़ता विमान
आज भी मुझे चील- कौआ सा लगता है।

हां आपके विकास ने ये
मोबाइल फोन थमा दिया है
जिस पेर आते हैं, ढेरों फोन कॉल,

''सर मै फलां कंपनी से बोल रही हूँ,
नया conection सिर्फ़ ............ ...............
बैंकों से फोन आते हैं, लोन के लिए
इन सब की दरकार मुझे कहाँ,

कम से कम मेरा मजाक तो मत उड़ाओ ।
अब तो मुँह मोड़ लेता हूँ , क्योकि
मैं भी बदतामिज लोगो के मुँह नही लगता।

हाँ दोस्त मुझे विकास समझ मी नही आता
मुझे तो सिर्फ़ एक उपाय चाहिए,
जिससे, मैं दोनों वक्तअपने पेट भर सकूं ,
एक छत बना सकूं।
बारीश की चंचल बूंदे, मेरी नींद ख़राब न कर सके।
ठंढी का कोहरा कपकपी न दे सके ।
गर्मी की लू, दीवारों से टकराकर बाहर ही रह जाए।
इसके बाद भी अगर कुछ बचे करने के लिए
तो एक अच्छी शिक्षा- व्यवस्था दे देना । । । । ...............